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The Committee 2021-22

Your Society is administered on a day-to-day basis by a Chairman, Vice Chairman and up to ten elected members.  We also have a President and a Vice President who do not sit on the Committee. 
All officers and committee members are elected under the Rules of the Society at the Annual General Meetings, which are usually held immediately before the morning lecture in June each year.  All committee members are Trustees of the Charity.
The current Committee and Officers are:
Chairman                                  Lynn Peters
Vice Chairman                               vacant
Secretary                                  Brenda Cochrane
Treasurer                                  David Duncan
Morning Lectures                   Mary Egan
Evening Lectures                    Andrew Egan
Outside Visits                           Maureen Atkinson
Membership                             Brenda Cochrane
Days of Special Interest         Joy Crosbie
President                                  Richard Bradley
Vice President                         Anne Harris
UK Five Day Tours                  Gill Cooper
Overseas Tours                        Lynn Peters
Young Arts                               Angela Stein
Heritage Vols.                          Maureen Atkinson
Church Recorders                  Joy Crosbie
Website                                    David Duncan