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The Arts Society Moor Park

The Arts Society Moor Park sponsors a Church Recording Group which continues to record our local churches.

St Matthews Church Oxhey, Lady Chapel's

Church Recording was launched by The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS) in 1973 in response to the challenge from the Victoria & Albert Museum: “Would it be possible for groups of volunteers to acquire the expertise to record and archive the artefacts inside churches to a professional standard”.

Since then the process for recording the contents of our places of worship has been perfected. Many of the Recorders are now experts in their field, sharing their knowledge with the Church Recording community and beyond.

From 2021 The Arts Society is no longer affiliated with Church Recording but many local Arts Societies’ Church Recording groups continue to be sponsored by their local Society. Consequently the “Church Recording Society” has been formed and membership is open to every competent person. Please visit- for further information.

Our last completed recording was of St. Andrew’s Church Watford. A presentation of the final record was made to the Church in December 2018. When we record a church we give a bound copy to the church, a copy to the local church authorities and an archival CD copy to the Victoria & Albert Art Library.

New members of the team are always welcome. Training is given by experienced recorders, special training sessions and sources for research are provided. Apart from being extremely interesting for the recorders this work is a significant contribution to the conservation of the country’s heritage. For each item the recorder has to answer ten set questions and do any research necessary into the item.  Recorders also have access to experts who are willing to give their opinion on any rare or interesting piece. Many missing pieces have been found over the years.

We are at present recording St. Matthew’s Church, Oxhey. So far this century we have recorded St Peter’s, Bushey Heath (1999-2004), St Martin’s, West Drayton, (2004-2006), St Mary the Virgin, Harmondsworth, (2006-2008), St George, Headstone (2008-2010), All Saints, Leavsden (2010-2012), St Paul, Langleybury (2012-2014), Holy Cross Church, Sarratt (2014-2016) and St. Andrews Church, Watford (2016-2018).

Please contact Joy Crosbie at: if you would like more information about Church Recording or joining our team.

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