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Evening lectures are held at Moor Park Mansion, WD3 1QL, except for the first lecture on 'Hieronymus Bosch' which will be available only via Zoom because our speaker is based in the Netherlands.  The lectures are also available simultaneously online via Zoom.  A unique link is emailed to members and visitors on the day before each lecture.  In addition to the lecture one can also book supper (except for the first lecture on 'Hieronymus Bosch).
If you wish to 'attend' as a visitor (either in person or via Zoom) please use the booking form on this website after 20 September 2021, the cost is £10.00 per lecture. 
If you book the optional supper please arrive at 18:00, otherwise arrive in person from 19:00.  Refreshments are available.  The lectures begin at 19:30. 
For Zoom users click the link at 19:15 to join the Zoom audience for a chat before the lectures.