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Days of Special Interest are held at Moor Park Mansion, WD3 1QL, and include coffee and a light lunch within the ticket price.  Each Day consists either of lecture 1, coffee, lecture 2, light lunch and lecture 3 (ending at 15:15), or, lecture 1, coffee, lecture 2 and light lunch (ending at 14:15).  It is impractical to provide an online Zoom version.

If you wish to attend as a visitor please use the General Queries Form at the foot of this page.  The cost varies from lecture to lecture but is usually around £40.00.

If you wish to book via this website you can download the flyer related to the event. But first you will need to register as a user of this website. To do so just click on "SITE MEMBER LOG IN" in the top right corner of the screen and follow the instructions. Your membership of the website will be approved as soon as your Society membership has been checked (this may take more than a few hours). Once you are a member of the website you can access the flyers by hovering on "MEMBERS PAY FOR AN EVENT" and selecting "Event Flyers". Alternatively, Flyers can be picked up at Wednesday Morning Meetings.

Arrive in person from 10:00.  Refreshments are available from the bar. The first lecture begins at 10:30.
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